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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The beggining is the end is the beginning

Well finally, I've been waiting to write this for a long while now.

I won't even bother saying my name, those who know the lineage of the nickname "DragonMago" know me enough to go on reading this. Magic player, engineer, musician, smart-ass and full-time nutcase.

So, will this become a journal? Naaah, I've never pretended to be so organized as to carry on a full-blown journal every freakin' day. It is -for the elite speech impaired- "the dumpster" just a place where figments of my imagination will come to live every now and then.

So, shall I introduce the voices in my head? Well, not really, to be honest, I don't have them, but I like to think of myself as if I were a pencil (you know, the old, wooden ones) with a bunch of facets that take over the front face every now and then. I'd like to think that my main face is there most of the time, the one I'd like to think its me. Maybe. If one of the other facets wants to slip a commentary, it will be in italics, verbatim:

I'm so sleepy and this egocentric motherfucker is still writing, damnit!!!

Well, actually that one is right, I should sleep, or rest, or something.

And to be honest I don't feel like writing that much right now.

Hey Jazie, heard the widow yet?? maybe you'll hear it again with my lyrics, you know, maybe you'll have to hear it forever after that, hehehe....

What do you know.

PS In the other hand I'd really like to point something out, for me and all of me: I DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE!! And I don't like to win with no effort. Those two factoids explain two things:

- Why am I still bummed and bitter about some of my recent emotional events, and
- Why am I about to break up with my current girlfriend, who did nothing wrong


  • At 5:25 PM, Blogger CSchwa said…

    po' ké en inglés y po ké dijiste "magic player" primero?

  • At 12:07 AM, Blogger Dragon Mago said…

    Y bueno, esto puede hacerse bilingue (como las letras de The Mars Volta por ejemplo).

    Y no se, no quería poner nutcase primero

  • At 10:31 PM, Blogger KittyKat said…

    Hi, it`s interesting the thing about your voices, I actualluy think my voices might not be mine, maybe im an squizo,(naa) I miss you so much.. and steal i cant hear to the Mars Volta or other stuff that reminds me of you, you burned me hard boy, (not the way you like it but) anyway here`s something for your ego. Bye KittyKat


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